TMC #17 – Lease Options vs Owner Financing

TMC #17 – Lease Options vs Owner Financing

Today we’re talking about why we don’t do lease options as a business model. Actually, the only times when we’re doing short-term lease option is when we’re transferring the deal to medium or long-term owner financing. So we want to compare and contrast lease options vs owner financing and explain why we’ve chosen the latter.

What is Covered:

– Pro-lease arguments and why they don’t really work

– When having appreciation is not an advantage at all

– Does it make sense to use depreciation for tax advantage?

– What really happens when the deal goes bad and you’re on lease option

– A potential benefit short-term lease option – double dipping

– The benefits of owner financing:

– There is not that much liability when holding notes as opposed to lease contract

– There’s no vacancy in repair with owner finance model, whereas when you get the house back from a lease you always have to do some repair

–  You get big down payments so the foreclosures don’t hurt you

– Owner financing is highly scalable

–  Con to lease option: from the buyer perspective, you have no control

– Con to owner financing: it doesn’t seem real at first until you cash out the first time

So have a think about these arguments, and email us at if you have a question you’d like answered on one of the following Tuesdays.

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