Basics of Subject To Investing And A Great Banker Story

Brad goes over the basics of subject-to investing…the legalities, the structure, and how it can VERY positively affect your business.

Does Buying Equity Make You A Fraud??

Brad goes over basic ethics when buying equity and answers the question that many people, especially newbies, struggle with…Is it ethical to buy a good deal? Is it ALWAYS ethical, under any circumstance? Listen to this episode to gain insight from a house flipper with hundreds of transactions, over a thousand seller visits, and tens of thousands of phone calls.

How I made $40,000 in instant equity

Brad goes over one of his latest transactions, where he buys $40,000 in as-is equity with no rehab…and with no money out of pocket. James tags along for the appointment and realizes, as a newbie investor…”I think I could have bought that house!”.

The Story of Dilly.

Brad, while on vacation, talks about what it takes to REALLY create a high level house flipping business….why most people don’t have it…and how Dilly has what it takes.

Is the next market crash upon us?

In this episode, Brad goes over his third best deal of his career, that was just put under contract. Then we switch gears and talk about what the market is doing….will we see a market crash? If we do, how do we play it?

4 HUGE negotiation sins and how to overcome them.

In this episode, Brad Smotherman, a multiple 7 figure house flipper, tells you the 4 biggest cardinal sins of real estate negotiation, and how to overcome them. Hint: They’re not what you think.

Welcome to Investor Creator

In this episode, Brad Smotherman, a multiple 7 figure house flipper, tells you exactly how he got started as a new real estate investor, the mistakes he made, and how success finally came. Then he shares why he felt Investor Creator was necessary.