I didn’t last a month in an office job before I decided to quit. Real Estate was calling me.

Unfortunately, starting a real estate career during a major market crash created quite a struggle.

Over a decade later and I have created success from those struggles that is far beyond what I imagined possible.

I apologize. Where are my manners? I’m Brad Smotherman, born and raised in Tennessee where I still live with my family. It’s a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to this journey with you.

My company and I are still doing real estate deals every day, but I wanted to be of service in another way.

I started by teaching my sister everything I know. Years later, her real estate business is nearly as big as mine.

I had so much joy teaching her, that I decided to create the Investor Creator Apprenticeship.

I wanted to help people learn how to become real estate investors without all the struggles I faced, so I created a blueprint on how to become successful much faster than I did.

I have now helped hundreds of other people, just like you, build real estate empires all across the country.

Now, it’s time for you to build your empire.

Need Help?

Send us an email at support@bradsmotherman.com

Need Help?